The recipe is 4 servings! The View from Great Island is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Heat avocado or coconut oil in a large skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium heat, then add beef and brown, crumbling with a spatula or spoon. Make the beef. Meanwhile, prepare remaining elements for the burger bowls. I’m on the Trim Healthy Mama plans don’t sugar is out… I did make an on plan brown sugar (granular) mixing a stevia blend and molasses together… You think that would work or can I leave it out altogether?-. I mean, burgers, right? If prepping veggies a head of time, make sure to cover them with a wet paper towel, then plastic, and refrigerate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Privacy Policy. Loaded burger bowls with pickles, bacon, a quick guacamole, and a "special sauce"! The nutrition facts are for one serving. Make the special sauce: whisk together all special sauce ingredients, using coconut aminos only if you're on a Whole30 and skipping the maple syrup. Hi, Mara! You can swap the lime juice for the lemon juice, if you prefer. LOVE this series – thanks for all the great inspiration! Thanks Tricia, we’re loving this series even more than we thought we would, we’ve gotten some great inspiration out of it already. Here’s a recap of my main course salad recipes so far ~ they’re all winners: Main Course Salad #2 ~ Middle Eastern Chickpea Salad (balela salad), Main Course Salad #4 ~ Chopped Chef Salad with Creamy Sweet Onion Dressing. Heat a little oil in a pan until hot and then brown the burgers on one side until nice and caramelized, this will just take a minute or so. The nicest, thickest cut you can find, the better. All Rights Reserved. When I slice it I get an interesting textured edge. Thank you! Never cut tomatoes until you are ready to serve. My mission? What is the serving size in the nutrition facts? This salad has everything I love about a cheeseburger, sans the bun. Is the listed nutrition information for 4 servings or 1?? If you’re a hearty eater, this recipe might just be 2-3 servings. I've been writing healthy, family-friendly recipes at 40 Aprons for over 10 years. I’m just not about that life when I can have even bites with beautifully distributed ingredients and I can save my sleeves. Once hot, add oil and let it get hot, about … 5. In a medium bowl, mix together beef, garlic powder, and salt. Especially low carb lettuce burgers, because, I mean, have you ever had one? Glad you and your husband loved this one! I’ve been known to eat my burgers with a knife and fork. Wine PairingsNO wine on Whole30 — no exceptions. Sue, this is a fantastic salad and thank you for all the good cooking tips . This is seriously delicious and was so fast to make with 2 people doing the work! Simply form 4 equally sized patties from the beef-garlic powder mixture and cook until medium (Thin pink line) in a little avocado oil in your cast-iron skillet. The last step is to assemble your burger bowls: start with a bed of romaine lettuce in your serving bowls and top with 1/4 of the ground beef mixture. . Healthy, Easy Recipes Your Family Will Love. The inner leaves are usually the best. Thanks for your constant support Havilah! When making your patties don’t compact the meat, leave it as loose as possible. This burger bowl recipe is packed with savory meat flavors with beef AND bacon plus the special sauce combo, so you can get away with a variety of wine pairings. Separate the slices of onion into rings, and drop them into the hot oil. Form the patties with a little indent in the middle, this allows the burgers to stay more or less flat as they shrink up during cooking, rather than seizing into little rounded balls. When beef is browned and crumbled, remove from skillet and return skillet to medium heat. 4. Mash together your avocado, lemon or lime juice, and salt, until the desired texture. Taste test, and adjust to your preference. Don’t ruin your burgers by cutting into them to see if they’re done…use an instant read thermometer, the rule is that ground beef is safe at 160F. Made this last night for dinner for the hubby and I and it turned out sooooooooo good. Then add the pickles, onion, and shredded cheese. A hug from Brazil! Assemble: start with a layer of romaine in your serving bowls, then spoon 1/4 of the ground beef mixture into the center. Don't skimp on the bacon in this recipe! I love it’s low carbs too. Prep is the biggest step in making these burger bowls. You can just click here for this one: It makes it so easy. Thanks! Pinning this so I can make it later. Whatever you’re having for dinner tonight, cancel that and make this instead. I’ve made this probably 4 times, always want to bring it to work for lunch the next day but its so good there are never leftovers! Stir together all your special sauce ingredients until smooth; set aside. I recommend: Cheryl Malik is the recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind the healthy, flavorful, family friendly recipes at 40 Aprons. Arrange remaining items around the beef: tomatoes, pickles, red onion, bacon, and quick guacamole. with a healthier and easier means. I’m so glad you asked! These low carb burger bowls are Whole30 and paleo, too. Nope! Build your salad bowls by putting the leafy greens in the center of three large individual salad bowls … Will definitely go into our meal rotation . Fry the onions, stirring often, for a couple of minutes until golden. The sauce is what takes it over the top. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and healthy meal! I will definitely be making this again and have already sent the recipe to some friends!! Steam until just tender. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I hope…, This is sooo good! Make little indentations in the middle of each patty, this will help the burgers cook evenly. To make the burgers gently combine the meat with the onions, A1 sauce, and onion salt. This will help coat the salad with … No clean option? Burger Salad Bowl ~ take a juicy burger, still sizzling from the grill, plop it on top of vibrant spring greens and surround with all the fixings, including a tangle of crisp fried onion strings, blue cheese, and a dollop of secret sauce…now that’s a good idea! I love how you can change the serving size. I’m guessing the 77g of fat is for 4 servings and 897 cals? If you click “jump to recipe” at the top of the page or scroll down to the recipe card, you’ll see a print link on all my recipes. Because they include only whole foods, these burger bowls are Whole30-compliant, paleo, and low carb, too! Thank you for the recipe! If you're not on a Whole30, skip the coconut aminos and go for the maple syrup. You’ve got a lovely meal that’s light on the carbs and big on flavor. Food Blogging & Photography Coaching Program, « Healthy Creamy Tuscan Chicken with Artichokes (Whole30, Paleo), Best Ever Easy Roast Chicken (With Gravy + Whole30, Paleo Options) ». And then you end up with three pickles and no bacon in one bite, and a full slice of bacon and no pickles in the next. Place 2 burgers in the center of each of your bowls, top with the secret sauce and fried onions. I wanted to keep the taste more neutral, but a Tex-Mex flair would be delicious! This essentially steam cooks the meat so it doesn’t get tough and stays moist, leaving the outside nicely caramelized. So amazing! Cause it seems like a lot. It was missing something without, and the vinegar flavor did the trick! In a large bowl toss the broccoli with … To get you fired up about good food! Just pile it all into a bowl, and you’re set. Build your salad bowls by putting the leafy greens in the center of three large individual salad bowls (this will be where your burgers will go.) My recipes are never fussy and always exciting ~ there are 1600 and counting on the blog. Flip, and cook for a minute more, then turn the heat down and cover. These loaded burger bowls with pickles, bacon, a quick guacamole, and a “special sauce” are so good! Learn how your comment data is processed. We didn’t even have bacon / pickles with ours and it was still SO good. When you sign up to receive new recipes via email.


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