I suppose I shouldn’t be — Rode microphones are some of the most heavy duty and made to last I’ve ever laid hands on. At the same time, while the Procaster rejected most of the white noise in my room, like my window fan or my NovelKeys Silk switches, the Broadcaster picked up all of it. Even 3-4 inches away, my voice sounded more authoritative than it does on my Blue Yeti. This is all happens in the same month when Amazon independently decided to feature and honor two of my related books. This is a great feature for beginners and professionals alike, though we would recommend this microphone more for the former. I also really appreciate the responsiveness and readability of the touchscreen: displays are an often neglected aspect on audio equipment, and it’s nice that Rode has bucked that trend. The RØDE Broadcaster microphone’s 1” condenser proves to be a worthy exception to that general consensus. At the end of each recording, you’ll hear my voice read Spanish Constitution, Part 3 in English: Castilian is the official language of the State. Blocks out plosives, pop, breath and wind noise. Of course, if you are looking for even more versatility, or maybe some added weight behind the mic, you will end up paying for it as it will likely be within a higher bracket closer to $​$$ or more. Blue Yeti offers a 2-year warranty that many users appreciate – though few have needed to cash in on it. There’s no shortage of “broadcast” aimed microphones today (so says the marketing), but the Broadcaster isn’t among the ranks of dime a dozen streaming mics. In addition, it allows better high-frequency coverage than most dynamic mics, and has a much higher output level, so you won’t need such a demanding preamplifier or pre-preamp like a CloudLifter or FetHead. Copyright © 2001-2020 Cyber Creations Inc. It’s absolutely a sister mic to the Rode Procaster, but it’s more true-to-life sound gives it a more airy, realistic sound. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is easy to see that there are a lot of microphone options out there, and they each can offer something unique or specific to a niche of audio recording — but which is best? At the same time, the mic rejects a lot of room noise and minimizes such effects as popping. , but it’s more true-to-life sound gives it a more airy, realistic sound. With its eight programmable jingle pads, you can also do plenty of on-the-fly production as well, underlining the Rodecaster’s credentials as a great live show base station. I mention this because, with gear of this kind, it’s not immediately obvious how much support you’ll get after the initial purchase, but Rode’s rolling out meaningful new features and treating the Rodecaster Pro like a flagship product. The only area we found a little lacking was the volume control on the mic itself — it feels a little flimsy compared to the weight of the rest of the microphone. More than anything, I’d stress the Pro part of the Rodecaster Pro’s name. You should also consider whether the color of your Rode Broadcaster would have any effect on the efficiency of its operation. Perfect Filter - Microphone foam cover porous foam makes it more transparent to muffles higher frequencies pop noise. than either of the condensers I mentioned above at the same distance. Do you need a particular color? A good mic is the main, physical method for reaching your audience and should not be overlooked. In addition to still images, many of Amazon’s Rode Broadcaster have videos. My related books (which Amazon “coincidentally” decided to feature during is independent author month (#MesIndie, amazon.com/MesIndie, amazon.es/MesIndie, amazon.com.mx/MesIndie) are: The English versions are not being featured by Amazon this month, and the Apple iBooks Author versions are not being featured by Apple, but are available at their normal everyday low price: For more general about Castilian and “Spanish”, visit my SpeakCastilian.com. You may also like to read what others are saying about the product in the review section. It rejects background sound as well as comparable dynamic mics. Perfect for multiperson Twitch streams or YouTube live shows. In this Rode Podcaster review, though, you will find that it is still a fully functional microphone that focuses in on the spoken word. At the same time, while the Procaster rejected most of the white noise in my room, like my window fan or my NovelKeys Silk switches, the Broadcaster picked up all of it. Say you’re part of a daily podcast with a couple of your friends, you like to take calls from expert guests, and you really don’t want to spend much time on post-processing. Rode also threw in an adjustable mount that attaches to your boom arm that is made from a very solid plastic and holds its place well. In other cases, they write their own. Beyond podcasting and interviewing, the Rode Podcaster can also connect to iPads to work with recording or camera equipment. It also means that you won’t need a high powered interface to provide it with lots of gain like those dynamics. Rodecaster Pro review: a podcast studio you can carry on your back, The best Black Friday tech deals at Amazon, Some of the first big discounts on Amazon’s latest devices and much more, Apple’s AirPods Pros are down to $169 at Amazon, You can get Apple’s flagship wireless earbuds for their lowest price yet, You don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot, The best Black Friday deals on Apple devices, You can get the new MacBook Pro for $50 off, The best Black Friday deals on Google devices, Save on Pixel phones, Nest smart displays, and more, Sign up for the This microphone shines in this area. Even among other professional broadcast mics it stands apart. All Rights Reserved. It’s a condenser, which means it’s going to offer a more natural sound to whatever it’s recording — presumably spoken word — due to its wider frequency response range. I only normalized the two recordings to -16 LUFS before uploading them. Listen to his CapicúaFM show at CapicúaFM.com or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Radio Public or Stitcher. It almost feels like a hybrid microphone, drawing on characteristics of both. For something as portable and on the move as this microphone aims to be, it needs to be durable. This is certainly true of all three of these mics, but to my ear, it’s clear that Rode has tuned the Broadcaster for the human voice and designed the mic for exactly that purpose. The Rodecaster Pro is a portable audio broadcast studio that you can fit inside a backpack. This mic also does not need a pop filter as it has a similar piece of equipment built in. The problem is that it makes it difficult to use the mic with a shock mount, and there were times the sound of moving my boom arm made its way onto my recording. In that way, you might say it’s more of a competitor to the likes of the Audio-Technica AT4040 or Blue Bluebird. The inviting color coding, large pads, and accessible design all hint at Rode’s desire to make professional gear more friendly to amateurs aspiring to take the next step up. The richness of Spain’s diverse linguistic modalities represents our national heritage and shall be the object of special respect and protection. Professional Wind Shield - Fits your Rode Procaster perfectly and does a great job! Though this is a Rode Podcaster review, we would be remiss if we did not highlight this microphone — though it does stand a little outside our comparison group. Although most Rode Broadcaster are similar, there are several differences worth noting. Conventional wisdom says that condenser mics are too sensitive to be used in an untreated room. Filmmakers go-to destination for pre-production, production & post production equipment! It almost feels like a hybrid microphone, drawing on characteristics of both. This mic also does a great job at eliminating unnecessary background noise like shifting, rustling papers, or moving around the room — so feel free to wiggle as much as you want while you record. Verge audio director Andrew Marino, who’s also had experience with the Rodecaster Pro, notes that its built-in effects options are limited (compression is a binary choice of on or off), and he reckons that the Rodecaster is better suited to multiperson live streams than anything else. For a USB microphone, there have been few complaints about the sturdiness of this model, which is really the backbone of what you need to know going in. Even if you EQ something like the Elgato Wave 3, it takes some serious tweaks to get it to the Broadcaster’s range out of the box. It’s absolutely a sister mic to the. The result is a more full-bodied and realistic sound. The Rode Broadcaster is a professional grade microphone designed for, you guessed it, broadcast. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and comparing Rode Broadcaster of all specifications to find the best one for any need (or budget). In many cases, Amazon repeats the descriptions furnished by the manufacturer.


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