Europe Destinations. The inaugural poster will feature a work by artist Bisa Butler entitled, I Am Not Your Negro in an edition … Artist Bisa Butler draws from an array of vibrant patterned fabrics to create portraits of everyday people. . Claire Oliver Gallery today debuts an online sales room and a limited edition poster series called Art is for Everyone. She eschews representational colors, favoring layered jewel-toned hues to form the skin of her Black subjects, and often groups figures together into strong silhouettes. Saved from Eric Lafforgue. Contemporary art quilted portraits of people of African decent by Bisa Butler r Bisa Butler I Am Not Your Negro detail in an edition of 500 posters. June 2020. Explore. British Museum Art Images. Travel Destinations. Jun 9, 2020 - Bisa Butler limited edition prints - Google Search. From American Folk Art Museum Benefit Auction, Bisa Butler, Nandi and Natalie (2007), Inkjet print on paper, 12 × 18 in Travel.


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