What improvements could it bring, if any? Happy to make a connection and/or act as a sounding board for these sorts of things. Developing technology for Bible Translation, we at Bridge Connectivity Solutions (BCS) have been thinking and asking relevant questions: Would graphs be suited for our requirements? We would love to see the cool queries you come up with- please share them as comments to this post! you can create the simple database structure above and simply “import” – script. The Bible can be the simplest database structure for all to understand and at the same time the most complex database far beyond any human capabilities. And there was light. To answer these, we made a small exploration into the world of current Graph technologies, toyed around with a couple of databases and tried to model the data we have as graphs. I can tend to unknowingly model all data that I think of as tables. While working on that, we became familiarized with the data structures used to represent the Bible, various versions of the Bible, issues with versification mismatches between versions, etc. The problem where two fold; one the old PC’s struggled to cope with such large documents, and two, capabilities like search where very limited. Seeing data like this being used in apps would be amazing! a database to ingest and use the data in an app. Example from Genesis 1 (JPS) Bible BibleDatabase is freeware and you are welcome to use the modules in whatever way you see fit in your application. Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX) is derived from USFM, a file format for publishing and interchanging basic Scripture texts in multiple languages. Most modules are a single text file preceded with b_ e.g. user: neo4j or, for something a bit more sophisticated. By going through this process, one thing we realized for certain is that, graph databases are going to add more value and power to the data processing we do. The original reason where simple, it where quite possible to put The Bible into a Word document – then still WordPerfect and later MS Word and others like even Acrobat. Currently (March 2003) this site has over 150,000 HTML pages and over 45,000 megabytes of downloadable files! Suffice it to say different levels of Copyright apply to different Translations. I should also mention the time and money required to make a custom system might make it infeasible. It is going to be an integral part of the Vachan Engine we are building at BCS, to serve as a smart/intelligent data engine that powers various AI-aided Bible Translation applications. Here are a few queries you can try out. Other than this, we are currently exploring dGraph database which is more recent and has some promising features and claims better performance. The Bibles on this website do not belong to us. 2 And the earth was waste and without form; and it was dark on the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was moving on the face of the waters. In addition to the Bible translation database below for VerseVIEW, the following translation text have been provided by wordproject.org. If your application won't be coerced into doing this, you can import directly into an application like MS EXCEL and then save the file as a standard CSV (or whatever) file. Maybe my thinking comes from my distaste of having to “query” for information instead of just accessing data objects in the code. Great job Kavitha and BCS team! When relational databases claim to be about relations, graphs are actually all about relations. There are applications out there that may have been better off if they had not used a DB . This is probably a silly question, but why use a database at all? This video has more details about the work we did and a walk through for the database mentioned above. url: bolt://staging.autographamt.com:7687 Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, The Alignment we created between these(test/sample data, the ‘Quality Check’ stage of which has not been completed), and, Conversational AI and chatbots (where the semantic representation could allow for really nice question and answer and exploration), Translation and checking assistants / algos. password: 111111 We have an alignment project at BCS, as part of the AutographaMT platform, where we built a tool to align the words of the Bible in 12 Indian languages with the original languages- Greek and Hebrew. We have an alignment project at BCS, as part of the AutographaMT platform, where we built a tool to align the words of the Bible in 12 Indian languages with the original languages- Greek and Hebrew. Granted, I’ve only used a database in like three applications over the years and none were web-based. many other Bible software applications use either Jet Database modules (.MDB type files) or some form of custom database file with a password which only the software Application knows. 1 1 1 1 IN THE beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (even today) I don’t think this needs much clarification. without "quotes" around the text. @kavitha, this is awesome! A database file that is less than or equal to 1073741824 bytes in size contains no lock-byte page. This also means that it is well established in its tooling. I haven’t once used a database in an application I was writing and thought the application was better because of it. If you are a developer the first, and most important thing you need to know is that the modules are not locked! In February 2001 it consisted of two or three HTML pages and about five downloadable files. Most people will use MS Access or something similar. While working on that, we became familiarized with the data structures used to represent the Bible, various versions of the Bible, issues with versification mismatches between versions, etc. It is XML, and has an XML schema. You can subscribe from the main page or the downloads page. The online demo is also really cool! So Access was tossed out the window in exchange for a simple text format which runs really quickly. I.e. It is feasible to make our graph data and structure available in their format if anyone wants it. ID - Sequential number (Integer) beginning at 1 To begin with, we thought of trying out the Neo4j graph database, which is popular and has been used in the industry since 2007. Lastly, please note that although we believe the Copyright information published on this site is accurate, we cannot be held responsible if information is incorrect. And even if the data is much larger than can be held in memory, it seems like a custom system will always out-perform an off-the-shelf database solution. And click your way into the depths of the Graph! Building a custom system may be the right choice but it is still better to first use something off-the-shelf and see how far it would get you. We do ask that you give BibleDatabase a mention as your source and especially that you tell us if you find a bug in a module so that we can fix it. 3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Please note that some of the Modules on this site are subject to Copyright. A database file larger than 1073741824 contains exactly one lock-byte page. Once you are a little familiar with the idea of nodes and edges, it becomes a more natural and intutive way to model data and even as a means of drawing out things on a white-board while you explain something complex. That's right, some folks make big bucks out selling Bibles. 3 1 1 3 And God said: 'Let there be light.' Parallel Bibles (2 languages only) These sets display TWO Bibles in parallel (your language + English). I keep noticing similarities with Text Fabric, which is also a graph based system, just minus the database component. I know the CEO and developer advocate there fairly well, and I think the latter is in Bangalore. If in doubt, please go to the referring website and ask the folk there yourself before you carte blanche start marketing your software with these Bibles. #ID TAB BOOK# TAB CHAPTER# TAB VERSE# TAB NARRATION. However, it was painfully slow and added massive overheads to the files. Unless you’re expecting to have more data in your database than can be reasonably held in memory, I don’t see the point of using a database for any type of storage in an application. BibleDatabase modules are text files with no passwords. I’ve been talking with many people recently about semantic representations and graph-representations of the Bible, and I have been helping Robert Rouse (viz.bible) with a few things (he is using graph representations). When it asks to you connect to the DB, use the following credential If you have Winzip or WinRAR (or similar), right click on the module and open it. Simple. We hear discussions of why we should use it, how it’s different, what value it brings and just how cool the technology is.


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