The murderers had no program save a vague archaism to which the eloquence of Cicero, Rome’s great orator and patriot, gave brief dignity. Augustus was the honorific title conferred in 27 b.c. Had subtlety and patience been a part of his genius, had he known how to appease and manage the senatorial oligarchy and maintain a fiction of republican rule, history might have recorded Julius, and not Gaius Octavius who became Octavianus Caesar, and by senatorial decree, Augustus, as the first of the emperors of Rome. on Octavian, the adoptive heir of Julius Caesar, who, by the hindsight of history, is called the first of the Rom. world to look for the intervention of the dynast and the “strong man.” The Senate itself, within the framework of constitutional law, had long accustomed the world to the legal subterfuge and expediency of emergency autocracy. As a result of this decree, Joseph had to return to his ancestral home, Bethlehem, and he took with him Mary, who was already expecting the … 691, B.C. The imposition of military solutions for constitutional problems, with the rivalries and conflict arising from the confrontation of armed groups, had long menaced law and order, and had accustomed Rome and the harrassed Rom. The Senate and Rome’s central government had proved repeatedly unable to control the power of the commanders of the frontier armies, and frontier armies, with able generals to control and deploy them, were an unavoidable necessity of expanding military responsibility. As it was, Caesar’s roughshod drive for efficient government, strong leadership, and political stability cost him his life. that Octavian and Antony, Caesar’s one-time lieutenant, broke the remaining strength of the senatorial oligarchy. The famous liaison of the Egyp. Precedents of absolute power, designed to meet recurrent situations of tension and peril, strew the history of Rome in the last pre-Christian cent. Only the farseeing knew that the republic was gone, and they, if they held this view, knew also that it had been long in virtual abeyance. Cannily, Octavian remained in Italy. He succeeded where Julius failed, because he knew how to clothe autocracy in the semblance of republican forms. His father was Caius Octavius; his mother Atia, daughter of Julia the sister of C. Julius Caesar. Acts 25:25 | View whole chapter | See verse in context But when I found that he had committed nothing worthy of death, and that he himself hath appealed to Augustus, I have determined to send him. It was one of the most senseless political murders in history. What is the significance of the Medo-Persian Empire in biblical history? “emperors.” Constitutional crisis and recurrent civil war, the beginning of which may be arbitrarily dated at 133 b.c., had over a full cent. A political system which had been adequate to govern a city proved, as Rome expanded in her quest for a stable frontier, ill-equipped to govern an empire. Emerging as victor from the Civil War against Pompey, the champion of the Senate which had sought to depose him, Caesar turned his great abilities of administration to restoring order and justice in a tormented land. “emperors.”. Caesar Augustus is only mentioned once in the New Testament, at the beginning of the well-known Christmas story recorded in Luke 2: “In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world” (verse 1). He was born A.U.C. Nor had the reactionaries reckoned on the forces which they had loosed, and no one had thought of Octavian, recently adopted by Caesar, his legal son and heir, who at the moment was studying in Greece. It was a task for which he proved unequal, and the eastern Mediterranean survived the next few years only by the ineptitude and division of Rome’s enemies. queen with Antony almost anticipated history and divided the empire. He held the true strength of Rome, for he held Italy and the W. War for the unity of Rome was inevitable, and at Actium, in 31 b.c., Octavian broke the naval might of Egypt and the E. He and his generals brought final order to the sadly tormented world and in 27 b.c., after a semblance of “restoring the republic,” Octavian received the title of Augustus. destroyed the Rom. He gave a form of power to the Senate and entrusted it with the provinces. Constitutional crisis and recurrent civil war, the beginning of which may be arbitrarily dated at 133 b.c., had over a … 691, B.C. What are the four beasts in Daniel chapter 7. The world longed for peace, and Augustus had given it the gift it needed so sorely. He reigned for 45 years and was ruling at the time of Jesus Christ's birth. Bible References: Caesar Augustus is mentioned in the Gospel of Luke 2:1. Augustus (venerable) Cae'sar, the first Roman emperor. He held little more than that which others, by the Senate’s vote and the people’s gift, had held before, but he held all together. Antony moved E to secure the Parthian frontier which had broken amid Rome’s preoccupations. Chronic strife and political breakdown had demonstrated to Rome, to Italy still to be integrated with Rome, and to a Mediterranean world which had fallen under Rom. He was born A.U.C. (venerable) Caesar, the first Roman emperor. AUGUSTUS (CAESAR). But when Paul had appealed to be reserved unto the hearing of Augustus, I commanded him to be kept till I might send him to Caesar.


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