Rate per kilometer between midnight and 5am: € 1.29 (US$1.40) People under 18 travel for half price and the disabled travel for free. (Or will be again when they fix the tracks to Syntagma Square. ). You can go as far as It is to the right of the parliament building- when facing it. You could be on your return trip and walk up just as the tram is about to leave. UnderDog caught my eye a few years back when I was walking down Metaxas, simply because of their cute logo. Apart from being convenient, the Athens tram is designed to bring the passenger pleasure. It may not be the fastest but it is the best way to get to the sea by public transportation. It’s about information on not being accurate. Voula is the terminal station (pictured below), so if you want to go further down the coast you can catch a bus or hail a taxi. Also the leg which terminates currently at SEF (Peace and Friendship Stadium) leaves one with a short walk along the very pretty canal (or through a park) to the seafood restaurants of Mikrolimano. The tram tracks run parallel to the coast along side of the busy beach road. It takes approximately one hour to get from Syntagma to the final seaside stop at Voula. of the refugee settlements of the twenties or go to restaurants, cafes and bars that few tourists ever visit. Beyond its purely urban use, it allows one to enjoy the Athens seafront from Faliro to Voula. You can also take the metro to Faliron and catch the tram there where it follows the coast all the way words progress. It also makes it really easy to get into Athens to see the sights if you are staying in the coastal suburbs of Faliron, Glyfada, and Voula. Environmentally and passenger friendly, the tram is one of the most poetic ways of travelling. to Voula. Air Travel; … It is comfortable, accessible, pleasant and new. In other There are 2 lines that leave from Syntagma, one goes south to Asklipio Voulas/Ασκληπιειο Βουλας T5 and the other towards the port, SEF/ΣΕΦ (which is an acronym for Peace and Friendship Stadium) T4 . In other words, during this period of "unspecified duration" you have to take the #2 Metro Line to Neos Kosmos to catch the tram to the beach. It may not be the fastest but it is the best way to get to the sea by public transportation. You need to purchase a ticket and punch it in a validation machine BEFORE getting on the tram. Line 1 “Kasomouli – SEF” linking downtown Athens to the Peace and Friendship Stadium, 1. With the opening of the coastal tram and the continuation of the Athens Metro all the way to Glyfada, the towns of the Athens Gold Coast, or the Athenian Riviera, specifically Glyfada, Voula and Faliron, have seen an influx of foreign travelers. (Or will be again when they fix the tracks to Syntagma Square. Neos Kosmos and Nea Smyrni where you can still see remnants The Athens Coastal Tram goes from Syntagma Square to the Beaches of Glyfada and Voula with stops in Nea Smyrni and all along the coast. There is an additional line that runs strictly along the coast (T3) and doesn’t go to Syntagma/Σύνταγμα, so if you are returning to the center, make sure you board the correct one. You could be on … special stands in main squares and at the stations and stops. Trams are not the quickest way to get from the center of Athens to the coast, but it is steady, inexpensive and you don’t have to worry about transferring. Advice: buy a few tickets if you have a spare moment and hang on to them for future use. This led to the Athens of the last three decades, choked with pollution and traffic, where getting from one side of the city to another required a lot of patience or some imaginative routes, which as more people discovered them, also became choked with traffic. This, in the eyes of many people, signified the switch from being a city where people relied on public transportation to one where everyone has their own car. The Athens Tram is the modern public tram network system serving Athens, Greece. You can catch the tram at the top of Syntagma Square on Amalias Avenue just across from You may be asked to show your ticket during your ride or you may not, keep it handy just in case. You can purchase your ticket from a little booth (if open) or coin operated machines (found at every stop). The trams do have a ‘stop’ bell you can ring, but most of the time they stop at each station regardless. Yes this is the world's most useless map. Self Pet Wash A... Sign up and get updates on what is 'hot' right now, events and new articles, Taxis on the Athens Coast- The Inside Scoop, A photo posted by Viagem sem fim (@guilherme_emrehliug), My Favorite Places to Eat, Drink & Be Merry on the Athens Coast, UnderDog Pet Care in Glyfada gets TopDog Rating, Primer Music Festival 2019 Back with a Splash, 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Athens that are Not Greek, “Personal Paparazzi in Athens” AirBnB Experience, Stone Soup teams up with GrowthMentor to offer marketing help for local businesses, Athens Area Yoga Retreats for Spring 2019.


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