barring an increase of investment levels, generation will account for 60% of SME's Jeffery M. Krusinga, PE, GE also contributed to the report, co-authoring the Dams Report. Roads received a grade D- because 39% of the 120,000 miles of paved roads in Michigan are rated in poor condition, with 43% rated in fair condition and just 18% rated in good condition. State and Regional Infrastructure Report Cards following the methodology of the national Report Card to raise awareness about local infrastructure needs. Reliable electricity is essential for today’s economy and for 21st century living. There are 140 high hazard potential dams in the state. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers operates and maintains two inland waterways in California: the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Canal (Sacramento DWSC), and the Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel (Stockton DWSC). Sustainable Infrastructure Certificate Program. Engineer Tomorrow. Infrastructure Report Card . Dedicate your time and expertise to a cause that is important to you. Failure to Act Reports. You can make a difference! When it comes to the quality of America’s infrastructure, railroads have moved to the top of the class. Houston Area Infrastructure Report Card Release Event . We must commit today to make our vision of the future a reality –. While the overall grade did not improve, seven categories did see progress. Find out more about the advocacy and policy resources. Today’s transportation systems and flood control systems must be able to withstand both current and future challenges. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, it is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. Public Policy Statements. ASCE evaluated 16 categories of infrastructure in the 2017 Report Card, with grades ranging from a “B” for Rail to a “D-” for Transit. Every family, every community, and every business needs infrastructure to thrive. Closing the electricity investment gap would lead to fewer brownouts and blackouts and save US businesses $637 billion, prevent the loss of 540,000 jobs and $5,800 in personal income losses for each American family. One source for all your news in an all-new digital platform. Every family and business needs infrastructure to thrive – from the road you travel to work, to the pipes that deliver clean drinking water, to the inland waterways and rail that move goods from coast to coast. Sustainability Roadmap . Learn more in Privacy Policy in the footer below. ASCE stands at the forefront of a profession that plans, designs, constructs, and operates society’s … ASCE has developed three key solutions to begin raising the grades: American infrastructure needs bold leadership and a compelling vision at the national level. The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Your Foundation! About the Report. Railroads received a B. Both waterways face similar issues of being neither wide enough nor deep enough for larger ships. an American infrastructure system that is the source of our prosperity. Dams earned a C- grade. Railroads received a B. Reflecting their poor condition, ASCE respectively gave these systems grades of “C+” “C+” and “D.”. ASCE institutes new, fully revised Code of Ethics, Dream Big program brings engineering to distance learning, © 2020, American Society of Civil Engineers, Access my purchased publications and downloads, Make a donation to support ASCE's activities. and final distribution representing 10% and 29% respectively. SME's Myndi L. Bacon, PE, President … The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Life Cycle Cost Analysis Report. Panelists i ncluded Houston City Council Member Melissa Noriega, TxDOT Houston District Engineer Michael … Local ASCE experts have prepared The D+ grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) is unchanged from its last report card in 2013, suggesting that only minor progress had been made in improving public works. To find out more about ASCE’s infrastructure initiatives or request a speaker, email: Sustainable Infrastructure Certificate Program, © 2020, American Society of Civil Engineers, State and Regional Infrastructure Report Cards, Access my purchased publications and downloads, Make a donation to support ASCE's activities. Infrastructure Policy Reports. Sustainability at ASCE. Take a deeper look at the nation’s infrastructure conditions in the 2013 Report Card – from the state infrastructure facts, to the interactive charts, to our three key solutions. VIEW THE FULL RELEASE EVENT for this report, featuring ASCE Executive Director Tom Smith; Siemens Chief Sustainability Officer of Siemens USA Martin Powell; Senior Counsel & Energy Strategist at Husch Blackwell and former FERC Chairman, Jim Hoecker; EPB-US Executive Vice President and economist Steven Landau; and President and CEO of Power Line Systems Otto Lynch. Box 420472 Houston, TX 77242 [email protected] Newsletter Sign Up. On Tuesday May 7, 2019, the ASCE Region 9 (California) Board of Governors, along with Region 9 Report Card Task Committee and the ASCE Government Relations & Infrastructure Initiatives Department, released the 2019 Report Card for California’s Infrastructure on the grounds of the Sacramento Capitol. Michigan's infrastructure earned an overall D+ grade. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is a tax-exempt professional body founded in 1852 to represent members of the civil engineering profession worldwide. By spending billions of dollars to sustain, modernize and grow the freight rail network, U.S. freight railroads are easing the burden on these transportation systems — and the taxpayers who support them. More From the Magazine; Featured this Month. Our nation’s infrastructure problems are solvable if we have leadership and commit to making good ideas a a reality. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) awarded America’s rail network the highest grade in its most recent Report Card (2017), which is released every four years. The 2013 Report Card grades show we have a significant backlog of overdue … Take advantage of the latest technical knowledge. Michigan’s approximately 2,600 dams support water supply, irrigation, hydropower, and in some cases, recreation. To view the full report card for Michigan's infrastructure, click here. It’s your local water main and the Hoover Dam, the power lines connected to your house and the electrical grid spanning the U.S., and the street in front of your home and the national highway system. Look up key design parameters as specified by ASCE 7. Bridges, ports and roads, for example, continue to age and suffer from … ... American Society of Civil Engineers Houston Branch P.O. 2017 Report Card. The high marks for America’s privately funded freight rail system stand in stark contrast to taxpayer-funded transportation infrastructure. Michigan's infrastructure earned an overall D+ grade. Copyright 2020 | Privacy Policy | Employee Webmail, Copyright 2020 | Privacy Policy The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Michigan Section released Michigan's Infrastructure Report Card on March 6, 2018. What might a Biden-Harris administration mean for infrastructure? Driven If you are a California resident, refer to our CA Privacy Notice, which explains your CA privacy rights and how you can exercise them. Explore all the national infrastructure grades, Congressional Hearings Focus on Aviation, Flood Control, President’s Address Includes Infrastructure, Infrastructure in the News: No Rest for Weary Infrastructure. Since its initial release in 1998, ASCE's Infrastructure Report Card has increased the visibility of infrastructure among the public and elected officials. As the President’s repeated in his address to Congress his pledge to dramatically increase infrastructure spending to the tune of $1 trillion, various Congressional Committees. Raising the grades on our infrastructure will require that we seek and adopt a wide range of solutions.


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