It is a convenient way of buying things as the products are generally delivered to the customer’s house address. Cause Marketing: Find a cause both your customers and your company care about. But one thing for sure is that it remains the discretion of the employee to give his best or not. Thus interactive marketing describes employee’s skill in handling customer contact and involves the following: It is the group of able and willing employees, which make the starting point of interactive marketing. In the preparation phase, the foundation for the social marketing process should be laid. The external marketing efforts are the traditional functions of marketing of the customers and make promises to the customer as to what to be delivered. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Some of the benefits to customers are as follows: i. Interactive advertisements that the customers can click on to learn more about the company. The salesperson may also give presentations and demonstrations of how the product works. (ii) Provide high quality products to customers at reasonable rates and practice ethical business processes. This not only helps in smoother interaction between employees and customers but also makes employees’ job easier. Presuming that the physiological needs of the bank employees have, by and large, been taken care of, greater emphasis should be laid on psychological and self-actualization needs such as: security, contribution to society, esteem and the need to reach one’s full potential, etc. This value could be improved performance, better design, fuel saving, etc. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. It combines the satisfaction of consumer’s wants and needs with the conservation and protection of the natural environment. For example, for a polio eradication campaign, parents with young children below age of five would be the target group. Finding a causes both your customers and your company cares about can create magic for your business. Customers will be willing to pay a premium for green Goods only if they feel it is worth the value. The paper starts with defining online marketing and reviewing historical background to utilization of online marketing; different kinds of internet marketing, then, will be shed light upon. The buyers may be given an option of paying through credit card, online banking or cash on delivery. There is more scope for expansion and growth of business for companies following the principle of holistic marketing. In direct selling salesperson contact people personally, in a face to face manner in order to sell their products or services. the salesperson gets paid not only for making sales, but also for recruiting other salespersons like in case of Amway. Relationship marketing requires the knowledge about the different constituents of the environment, and also an understanding of their needs, desires and expectations. He felt that marketers often have a narrow viewpoint about the marketing elements and do not give due consideration to the views of consumers. The emphasis is on the needs and wants of the customers instead of the qualities of the product. 1. The same marketing tools which are used to attract and retain customers (external) can gainfully be used to attract, retain and inspire the employees (internal customers), particularly the best among them. Relationship Marketing. In a financial industry like banks the product differential and price competition is almost nil or the distinctiveness is difficult to maintain. Green marketing is also known as sustainable marketing. Promoting the environmental aspects of a product. How far and to what extent the quality level of their performance would reach is solely the discretion of the employee. Any marketing related concept is incomplete without the mention of Phillip Kotler. Mass media advertising may reach a larger audience, but it is possible that a major portion of that audience is not even interested in the product. The older marketing theories which were widely accepted a few decades ago are no longer relevant in today’s scenario. Dawkins and Reichheld (1990) suggest that, relationship marketing focuses on four major activities – customer valuation, customer retention measurement, identifying reasons for defection and develop a corrective plan. RM is basically an offshoot of marketing function which emphasizes on customer retention and satisfaction. Green marketing will prove to be indispensable and advantageous, cost-wise too, in the long run. It also enables marketers to measure and control the marketing efforts easily. They observed that the same marketing principles that were used by commercial marketers to sell products and services could also be used to sell ideas, attitudes and behaviour for the betterment of human life.


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